LinkedIn Omaha

Right from the start, we knew working on LinkedIn Omaha would be a unique experience. Architecture firm Gensler, led the way with a powerful design vision that harnessed the distinctive history and aesthetic of Omaha itself. This vision was coupled with LinkedIn’s main goal--to provide their employees working in Omaha with the full suite of office amenities that tech hubs like Seattle, New York, and the Bay Area are typically known for. We fully embraced this project’s local employee-focused mindset, working to source art and decor from U.S. companies whenever possible, with a special emphasis on those from the Midwest. We seized the opportunity to go shopping at local markets in Omaha itself.

Uber’s new headquarters is a design project on an epic scale, spanning four buildings, 40 stories, and over one million square feet. The design vision was to create a microcity within a city, joining cafés, plazas, libraries, and event spaces into neighborhoods that evoke all the places city-dwellers know and love. We sourced the decor for the entire project, helping synthesize the work of two interior design firms, RMW and Huntsman Architectural Group. The goal was to add décor that was reminiscent of items that you would have at home and to highlight the beautiful finishes and materials used throughout the space. The result is a cohesive style from two of San Francisco’s leading firms.