Tech Client

Benchling is the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud. With their logo being a combination of a jellyfish and helix, it was important to the client that we incorporate jellyfish and life sciences into the décor and artwork, while keeping it trendy, modern, and traditional with a twist. In addition to jellyfish décor, we were able to source test tubes with colorful moss, vintage microscopes, beakers, and other science equipment to really solidify the theme and culture of the company. This theme was carried into each of the conference rooms and phone rooms as well. The color palette was inspired by the ocean and included bright pops of color.

Uber’s new headquarters is a design project on an epic scale, spanning four buildings, 40 stories, and over one million square feet. The design vision was to create a microcity within a city, joining cafés, plazas, libraries, and event spaces into neighborhoods that evoke all the places city-dwellers know and love. We sourced the decor for the entire project, helping synthesize the work of two interior design firms, RMW and Huntsman Architectural Group. The goal was to add décor that was reminiscent of items that you would have at home and to highlight the beautiful finishes and materials used throughout the space. The result is a cohesive style from two of San Francisco’s leading firms.